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Welcome to STÅ - Pintxos & Friends

Restaurang and bar in Örebro, Sweden. An oasis in the north side of the city, close to Örebro Castle. We offer hand made appetisers made from seasonal produce. Also a wide selection of quality local beer and wine. On the counter top you will find delicious and quality pinchos at a reasonable price. Stop by on your way home or before visiting the theatre or cinema. 

In the summer you can enjoy our beautiful courtyard, that easily makes you think of Barcelona or San Sebastian. We also arrange intimate concerts and other culture events.

A pintxo is a small bitesize tapas snack that usually consist of small slice of bread and ingredients fastened with a toothpick. STÅ is not a traditional pintxos bar though, we offer flavours from all over the world but our focus are local and organic products. We have no fixed menu, it changes often, sometimes even during the evening. All is depending on what products that are in season and what the local producers can offer. There is usually something for everyone and we can guarantee that no one will leave us hungry. We can also make vegetarian pintxos, gluten and lactose free alternatives or suitable pintxos for pregnants.

All our pintxos are 39 SEK each and you pick them yourself off the countertop, counting the tooth picks as payment.

Tel: +46 19 765 04 11

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Examples of pintxos you might find on our countertop


Chorizo with truffle mayo, pickled red onions and manchego

Grilled duck breast, red cabbage & almonds

Cured flank steak, lingon cream & fried parsley 


Cured halibut with rosé pepper, fennel and trout roe

Smoked salmon, horseradish cream & pickled apples

Seared char, butter cabbage, thyme & dijon cream & pomegranate


Smoked tofu with wasabi cream, ginger och pickled chili

Roasted pumpkin, vanilla, rosemary & cream cheese

Olive tapenade, citrus marinated zucchini & sunflower seeds